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What is Natural Movement?

Natural Movement, inspired by Erwan LeCorre’s MovNat, is the full range of real-world, species-specific movement skills essential to the natural life of the human being. Walking, running, balancing, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, jumping, climbing, even swimming and fighting are all part of your inheritance as a human being. Natural Movement training is the missing manual to your body, and through training you will learn how to work, play and move through your environment with confidence and grace.

Why practice Natural Movement?

Humans are capable of incredible feats of power, grace, beauty and coordination. Just as tigers hunt and eagles soar, humans were meant to run, balance, throw and climb. Yet trapped in cubicles and city streets, and moving only from bed to car to office chair, many of us have lost our fitness and our connection to the natural world. No matter your current level of fitness, Natural Movement offers a way back to the physical capability that is your genetic inheritance. By practicing skillful, efficient movement patterns Natural Movement trains the mind and body to develop practical, real-world capabilities. Join us today and reclaim your inheritance.

About Aubrey Williams, MovNat Certified Trainer

Aubrey has been practicing MovNat since 2010, earning his MovNat Certified Trainer credentials under Erwan LeCorre, the creator of MovNat and MovNat Master Instructor, Vic Verdier. Aubrey is also an accomplished barefoot runner, having completed the 2012 Santa Barbara International Half-Marathon (13.1mi). “I believe every person was born to move. Our bodies expect and demand a rich movement vocabulary to thrive. With Natural Movement we gain our health, happiness, strength and freedom. Let me help you move with skill, efficiency, confidence and grace. Join us at Natural Movement Santa Barbara.”

Who practices Natural Movement?

Natural Movement is progressive and safe and it supports physical competence and conditioning for any area of life. It’s a great workout for the mind and body. We develop each skill from the ground up, and exercises are tailored to your individual abilities. Skill and efficiency always comes before intensity, volume, or complexity.

All ages, weights, body types, experience levels and fitness levels are welcome. Bring your friends and kids (12 and over). Natural Movement Santa Barbara’s Natural Movement training is inclusive, cooperative, and progressive.

How is Natural Movement different from other fitness systems?

Fitness systems such as CrossFit improved upon the standard “weights and cardio” model of fitness by introducing “functional” exercises in a competitive group environment with the goal of General Physical Preparedness or GPP. While this is an improvement over mindless muscle isolation, it ends up that functional movements do not necessarily translate into real world fitness. Thirty kipping pull-ups are great preparation if your environment demands kipping pull-ups on a two-inch bar, but can you climb a tree, a fence, a wall when your life depends on it?. Can you not only pull yourself up, but climb up and over? Doing 50 box jumps is a great met-con workout, but when you have to jump eight feet across a 30-foot deep ravine, are you prepared?

Natural Movement goes beyond a mindless workout and teaches you practical movement skills that prepares you for life while building a beautiful body. Instead of pull-ups, we climb walls, cliffs and trees. Instead of box jumps we practice a multiple jump variations  up, down and across to complex landing surfaces, loaded and unloaded. Instead of lifting barbells we lift rocks, logs, people. We learn mindful movement, adapting to our environment. We combine these movements into met-con Combos to reinforce skills under pressure. Practical movement is the gold standard of real-world preparedness. Go beyond GPP and develop skillful, efficient, practical movement with Natural Movement Santa Barbara.

What does Natural Movement look like?


"Pre-baby, I used to do Insanity 3 – 4 times a week. As a new mom, working out was just not a priority. The best thing about Natural Movement classes is the reminder how fun it can be to play outside – just like my son does. We climb, skip, stretch, crawl, lift, and get dirty, as we improve our balance and strength … all in the outdoors. I like that my son and husband can join me or play on their own, as I participate – not like at a gym. It’s a great way to get my weekend going, next to Saturday morning cartoons. Looking forward to attending more classes during the week."

− Juana Gills

"Natural Movement is an exceptional system that allows you to move, increase strength, increase flexibility, and PLAY!, all while getting a thorough workout out under the open sky. Aubrey is a patient, approachable, stellar instructor, and is definitely another reason why you should give Natural Movement a try. I truly can't recommend Aubrey or the Natural Movement class enough to anyone who is interested in moving better and feeling great."

− Laura Nepodal

""I just wanted to be able to keep up with my nephews. Now I'm running, climbing, vaulting over obstacles, crawling, really just playing like a kid again. I never thought I could feel so young.""

− Emilio Ramos

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