Class Recap 11/16: Natural Movement Fundamentals

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  • November 16, 2014

Aubrey Williams, MovNat Certified Trainer led new students Emma, Chris and Victoria with Aeon Oliver Terry, MCT through the Balancing Fundamentals class. We practiced single leg balancing with various limb movement on the ground, then moved to balancing on 2×4’s. We then progressed to balancing walk, crouching, and reversals. Next came walking including stepping over, stepping under, doing both at the same time, then some ground movement including the progression from bent sit to figure 4 sit to tall kneeling to standing (AKA shin boxes). This was then reversed. Our cooldown included the lateral kneeling reverse.

First timers Emma, Chris and Victoria displayed a high level of ability and made a great start to Natural Movement. If you love the videos online showing spectacular Natural Movement, this is the place to start. This class is for beginners, intermediate and especially advanced students. All need the strongest fundamental movement skill possible to facilitate higher levels of complexity, intensity, volume, risk and danger. Join us next Sunday at 9AM at Shoreline Park for Natural Movement Fundamentals!

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